Fresh and Bold Leadership for Colorado

Dylan Roberts is a leader at the legislature for a public option for health care, reducing health insurance costs, taking on the pharmaceutical industry, advocating for affordable housing, protecting clean water, fighting for consumers, and more. 

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Colorado is changing. Our state is growing and attracting some of the best from across the nation and around the world. People want to live in Colorado to enjoy its natural beauty, open their businesses, and start their families here. This population growth brings immense challenges but also incredible opportunity. 


Over the next several years, it will be up to the leaders of our state to do big things. We must:

  • Build and maintain the infrastructure that supports our people and our businesses. This includes our roads and ensuring that all of Colorado has access to reliable broadband. 

  • Create affordable places to live for all those who want to make Colorado home and contribute to our state.

  • Ensure that all Coloradans have affordable health care options and transparency in health care spending.

  • Create and maintain good-paying jobs for Coloradans in both our metro areas and our rural communities.

  • Preserve what makes our state great: its natural beauty. We have to continue to lead the clean energy revolution and to protect our state's clean air and water.



Every Coloradan deserves to be financially secure if they are willing to work hard. As our economy embraces ever increasing automation, we must always be looking out for those whose jobs will be lost in that transition. As a state representative, I will fight for legislation that encourages 21st century job training and security for Coloradans as we adapt to this new economy.

You can count on me to:

  • Fight for a livable wage

  • Support job training programs and vocational education

  • Craft and bolster efforts to bring 21st century jobs to Colorado

Transportation & Infrastructure

Repairing and preparing our infrastructure for the millions of Colorado citizens that will be added over the next several decades must be one of the Legislature’s top concerns. The vitality of I-70 is of particular importance to Eagle and Routt County's economy, and making sure that we have safe and efficient roadways will be a priority.

Infrastructure improvement should be a bipartisan issue; smart investment creates jobs, boosts local economies, keeps people safe, and at its most basic level: keeps you from sitting in traffic. I will support any legislative effort that prioritizes job creation through infrastructure projects and increases safety and convenience for motorists because Colorado’s massive population growth depends on it.

Further, parts of Eagle and Routt County and many other parts of the state do not have access to high-speed internet access. Our Legislature needs to lead on this issue to provide all corners of our state access to this crucial service. 



No society will be successful without providing a quality public education to the next generation. Unfortunately, Colorado is near the bottom of the fifty states when it comes to its support for K-12 and higher education. No student should ever be penalized with a sub-par education solely because of the state or zip code in which they live. Colorado can do better.  

As your Representative, you can depend on me to find ways to improve our state’s support for schools and teachers, modernize our classrooms, and ensure that every student is given the opportunity to succeed.

Additionally, our higher education funding system is out of control. Too many Coloradans do not have access to higher education because of cost alone. If students take out loans to pay for a degree, they find themselves crippled with debt for decades. The solution to this problem starts at the state level through our Legislature finding every way possible to support our public university students. It also means that we have a responsibility as leaders to recognize that a four-year college degree should not be the only way to success in our society. We can do much more to promote community colleges and vocational education. I will always support legislation that provides the opportunity for students to go to college or pursue vocational training at an affordable price.

Affordable health care & Attainable Housing

Colorado has no problem attracting residents, and for those of us that grew up here, like me, there is a lot that keeps us here. Yet, there is so much more that we need to do so that all of our residents can continue to live here and prosper from our state’s opportunities.

Finding an affordable place to live is a monumental struggle for too many. This is especially true in both Routt and Eagle County but is also becoming the reality across the state. Our legislature cannot solve this problem on its own, but there is much more that it can be doing to help spur the availability of affordable housing. As long as we are doing it in the right way for every community, I will constantly be seeking ways to incentivize more affordable housing options through legislation. I will also be a strong and vocal partner at the Capitol for local communities who desire to provide more housing opportunities for the workers and families that need an affordable place to live in order to continue serving their communities.

Livability also includes knowing that health care will be accessible and affordable for all Coloradans. Eagle and Routt County residents pay the highest premiums in the state. No matter what the U.S. Congress and President are doing with health care, our state must act to help the residents of this district and the entire state have access to affordable health care. I will seek to join and continue bi-partisan efforts to reduce costs in the mountain regions and will always fight to protect everyone's right to health care regardless of your pre-existing conditions, gender, income, or any other barrier. 


What makes Colorado the most beautiful state in our nation is its natural beauty. While I believe our state is on the right track with its current renewable energy standard goals, we must do more. 

I fully support Colorado showing state support for the Paris Climate Accord as other states have done. Further, our legislature should promote innovations that will bring us to 100% renewable energy consumption by 2040. 

This is not just a climate issue, it is an economic one. Green jobs are the jobs of the future and Colorado could become a nationwide leader in those jobs with the right leadership. Further, the economies of Eagle and Routt County would surely collapse if ski areas had to limit skier days due to lack of snow and thousands would lose their jobs because of it.  

Finally, you can count on me to be a vigorous defender of our public lands and I will do everything possible to preserve and protect our state's most beautiful environments.

**Have a question about a specific issue? Want to share an idea with me? Send me a message and I will be happy to speak to you.**